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6 Track Drive, 6 Track Steering – this Semi Truck is unlike any other I have ever seen.. and now, we are revisiting – but still UPGRADING this memorable and amazing model from years past. Team Raffee has made this possible by creating a Silver & Blue set of tracks! Who here remembers when HD OVERKILL was on MUDDY TRACKS… many years ago?! This is the same truck .. but evolved.

Today I am installing the Team Raffee Tracks I got at ATees.com
The conversion kit I am using is for an Axial SCX10 (original axle), but they have many conversion kits for multiple styles of trail crawlers.

Here is a shortened link to the Tracks and pieces you may need, on Atees – http://bit.ly/2PfSHqx

For snow, sand.. basically ALL Terrain – these tracks can do a lot of amazing things. They do have their limitations, much like in full size – but I think that’s part fo the fun, and part of the experience of tracks. you never know what kind of trouble you are going to get into!

Im looking forward to “wheeling” in the upcoming snow and back woods trails with these tracks.. the second set of rubber on them are truly insane! Deep Lugs and lots of traction.. I am excited to see these in action!

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