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Best $20 Phantom 4 upgrade!!

Buy 2 sets of Phantom 4 props: http://sdp.io/p4props (drone: http://sdp.io/p4a)
Buy 2 sets of Mavic Pro props: http://sdp.io/mavicprops (drone: http://sdp.io/mavic)

We tested DJI’s new quieter props for the DJI Phantom 4, and yeah, they make it much quieter – about 5 to 6 dB quieter. The pitch is overall better, too. If you like being discreet, these help… basically, you’ll annoy your neighbors slightly less than before.

We also tested the Phantom 4 Pro with the new props against the DJI Mavic Pro with the platinum props. The Mavic is still the overall quietest drone, thanks to its lighter weight and smaller size.

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