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Michigan Slide Syndicate RC Drift Movie

This video is about RC Drifting at Michigan Slide Syndicate in Ann Arbor, Michigan. Filmed on April 3, 2016 by Sand Troopers Offroad Films & j bramlett channel. Uploads weekly! Follow us on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/pages/Sand-Troopers-Offroad-Films-Gasoline-Jukebox-Channel/275575509165346

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How to do RC Drifting burnouts with sound effects and fit lights

Yes RC Drift realism starts here! We show you drift cars with realistic sound, RC LED lights and burnout smoke effects. We tested the G.T.POWER GTP-139 sound and light simulator. RC Sound Module To find out more go to; Burnout Demon; www.rcsmokers.com Sik hobbies Rockingham http://www.sikhobbies.com.au/ and join Slide Show …

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2WD Rc Drift Revolution HB Cyclone 2WD Drifting

RC smoke system available – https://goo.gl/Efvviu RC pop up headlights available – https://goo.gl/1sKwSU If you’re interested on Yokomo YD2 kits here’s a link – https://goo.gl/uu7Mua Yokomo RC bodies – https://goo.gl/Us41dS Nice RC drift bodies – https://goo.gl/HtoDfj Here’s my current project HB Cyclone 2wd more info will be posted at the …

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www.kpoprc.com | to get tshirts! Buy one to enter in the SDP 100k giveaway. kpopRC affiliate links… NEED A RC DRIFT CHASSIS? link below https://goo.gl/OQNZTe – Sakura d4 RWD https://goo.gl/L5lEjt – cheapest radio, can mod to 8 channels http://amzn.to/2oQL75h – DRIFT GYRO Download the SDP music here! https://breau.bandcamp.com/ original SDP …

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