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Tiny Whoop

Micro Heli Co Tiny Whoop Delrin Frame

Big thanks to MicroHeli for this awesome little frame!! Check out their pages at https://www.facebook.com/officialmicroheli/?fref=ts and:http://www.microheli.com/ And for more photos of my build:http://rotorbuilds.com/ Like and Subscribe so we can continue to provide high quality reviews on the latest products! If you like this review check us out at https://www.facebook.com/groups/1429153957398312/ If …

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Tiny Whoop vs Baby Plane?!

Chasing baby planes 🙂 Thanks again SPST V for the Vapor. It’s a lot of fun. Thanks Emily for making me make a video and for flying toys with me. — Drones and Other Things that Flew in this Vid — Night Vapor: http://amzn.to/2oB1nqY Flown with a DX6: http://amzn.to/2oDuKKX But …

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Tiny Whoop the subway!! NYC micro fpv in an empty subway car!

OPERATION SUBWAY-WHOOP: Tiny Whooping the New York City subway! Who said drones have to fly outdoors! Flying with the TBS tango remote transmitter & blade inductrix quad set up for fpv 🙂 Subscribe to our youtube for more!!! Check us out at: http://www.team-icarus.com Special thanks to: http://www.team-blacksheep.com AWESOME STORES- http://www.aerialvisions.com

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Sunny Day Tiny Whoop

After a day of Mini Quad race practice with Control.FPV and Andy Shen nothing better than some whooping, matty flipping trees and powerlooping gates! AlienWhoop ZER0: https://shop.alienwhoop.us/products/alienwhoop-zer0-brushed-flight-controller Awsome Sauce 20,000kv :https://www.tinywhoop.com/collections/motors/products/awesome-sauce-motors Cockroach Frame:https://www.tinywhoop.com/collections/frames/products/cockroach-super-durable-frame Eachine 4 Blade Prop (Black):https://www.tinywhoop.com/collections/props/products/eachineprops?variant=28499578753 Rsxr RX: https://www.droneracingparts.com/collections/receivers/products/frsky-r-xsr-ultra-mini-redundancy-receiver FX900TW: https://www.tinywhoop.com/collections/fpv-gear/products/fx-900tw-mullet-modded-ultralight-camera-vtx-and-antenna

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Tiny Whoop to True Tiny Wing conversion

But will it fly? Check out this video to see mine and Drone Junkie’s attempt of creating a new type of wing that is fully constructed out of Tiny Whoop parts. Visit Drone Junkie at http://www.dronejunkie.co.uk Thanks for watching! Hope you enjoy the video! Let me know your thoughts in …

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LDARC Tiny 7X 75mm Whoop Review 😀🏁

I’ve finally tested the third “Tiny” whoop in the LDARC series. If you want to see the videos for the 6X and 8X, I’ll link them below. The biggest advantage of the 7X is the added power and longer flight times over the 6X. 🏁LDARC TINY 7X Advanced Combo – …

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