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Align Trex 700

Turbine RC Helicopter – Align T-Rex 700

This video will demonstrate the gas turbine Wren 44 powered Align T-Rex 700 helicopter RC helicopter. Filmed at the Whittlesea Model Aviation Group under the guidance of the AMAS. Big thank you to Ivor Miller from https://www.youtube.com/user/rcglo1/about for assisting me to produce this video.

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FPV Align T-Rex 700e

First Person View flights on my T-Rex 700 Camera RMRC-700XV and Gopro Hero3 Video Transmitter 1.3GHz 800mW Video Receiver 900-1.3GHz TX Antenna Cloverleaf Whip Circular Polarized RX Antenna 1.1-1.3GHz 8dBi Patch DX7s with Dragonlink No OSD (On screen display), yet…

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