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Align Trex 800E

T-Rex 800e DFC Trekker OWB Failure

This is the second time the OWB has slipped on this heli in about 10 flights. The bolts on the underside will not stay tight. The threads seem very minimal. When the bolts are removed, most of the bolt threads are smooth, full of loctite. Looks like a shoulder bolt. …

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T-Rex 800E

T-Rex 800 Trekker Build Video CORRECTION: This kit does NOT come with the up-graded black gears. Align had thrown them in for me, and I did not realize it. The new 700 DFC combo does come with black gears however. Sorry for the confusion.

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Changed the initial spool up to “low” in the ICE2. The tail is set on “automatic-normal” in the radio. The “swash mix” aileron & elevator are at 30%… Swash mix pitch is 35%. Basic throttle and pitch curve in the radio. You must be very careful using the 3GX unit.

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