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Oxy 4

oxy4 325 PICO Spartan FBL System

In this Video Luca Invernizzi Lynx Heli Oxy Heli, introduce Spartan RC products Vortex PICO FBL – and explain his feeling about this wonderful FBL system in his Essential Oxy 4 Build. Spartan RC product now are available in Lynx Heli Innovations WEB at this page: https://www.lynxheli.com/index.php?cPath=372_158_187&osCsid=9a1d3a8054977d72f625310d84529f05

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Oxy 4 at an abandoned swimming pool – Aron Prang

Flying my Oxy 4 at an abandoned swimming pool on the sardinian east coast… Haven`t had the time to shoot an extravagant video, though i wanted to share some cool clips of this location and my favorite helicopter… Setup: Oxy 4 Stretch SpinBlades 350mm XNova 2618-1860kv Hobbywing 50A v3 Mini …

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Oxy 4 final look.

Wiring tips video, watch how they are brought to finish absolutely neat. I recommend use s bus reciever. I use s bus in all my helis.

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Oxy 4 1800mah

Oxy 4 325mm Align 460mx 1800kv 15t pinion (needs a 16t) Hobbywing 50a v3 Vbar mini with vbar sat Kst 215mg v3 cyclic Align 455 tail (sucks will get a 95i soon) Pulse 1800 65c pack ( cg is awful) Normally run a 1050mah pack

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