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Synergy N7

Synergy N7 (7) 5-6-18

Flying my Synergy N7 around at the sepulveda basin. My gyro is a little sensitive. I was feeling it bump a little, here and here, during stunts. I thought it was turbulence at first. Now I see, it’s my gains. I need to make some adjustments. It’s jiggling a little …

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Synergy N7 Build Video Series Maiden Flight

Wes Tyson of Extreme Hobbies putting his newly finished N7 through the paces. He was kind enough to let me use his kit for the build video, but I couldn’t rob him of the maiden flight rights! Good thing too, he puts on a much better show than me 🙂 …

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Synergy N7 Gasser Mike (Mike Spano)

Little flight after lunch today. Admittedly not my best nitro flight, but still a great flight. The motor is upset at the end because I ran it completely out of fuel…. Synergy N7 Rail 696mm main blades Rail 106mm tail blades OS 1.05 Hattori pipe OMG Servos 1750 and 1950 …

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