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Need for Speed: The Run – AE86 vs. Helicopter

Looks like Takumi had an encounter with the mob during the big race. In order to achieve this event, you must do the car swap glitch before this mission. However, this car is slow, so slow that it will not complete the mission before the helicopter one. You must use …

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Rhys Wyatt….3D Heli Pilot !!

Rhys Wyatt, son of Murray Wyatt and Angela Wyatt, took IRCHA by STORM! With his charming Australian accent, a Vcontrol radio, and two 700 sized helis, he shocked everyone. Piro flips, inverted autos, tic tocs and more! Hope he comes back next year!!! His is only 8 years old!! Here …

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Helicopter VS Muscle cars (GTA V Film)

On dirait qu’on a quelques ennuis! Encore une fois, un grand merci à DayZooHD et Davmangigaman51 pour m’avoir aidé à créer ce mini-film. Dr.Takumi : Dukes Davmangigaman51 : Phoenix DayZooHD : Buzzard d’attaque Page Facebook : https://www.facebook.com/Dr-Takumi-153002841719118/#

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Takumi TDM

Link to channel: https://www.youtube.com/user/purpleeyeswtf Link to video: Keep your eyes out for more of these skits, my next one will probably be another roosterteeth.

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石墨薄片切削 高速龍門型石墨加工中心機 High Speed Graphite Machining Center 機 型:H10G 控制器:MITSUBISHI M730 匠澤機械股份有限公司 地址:407台中市工業區35路50號 電話:+886-4-23583838 傳真:+886-4-23580176 http://www.takumi.com.tw E-mail:sale-os@takumi.com.tw

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MTTEC was with Pascal Richter at IRCHA 2017 to create this clip. Together with experienceRC, GensAce, MKS Servo, RC-Booya, Optipower and Compass Model we enjoyed the time there. But this video is not only about our brands, it is about the IRCHA lifestyle, it is about friends and it is …

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