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Inside the World of RC Helicopters – What We Do

For those of you who are into RC, I invite you to check out what we do with our RC Helicopters. I’ve had the pleasure of owning most types of RC models including planes, boats, cars, drones- you name it. In my humble opinion, nothing can touch the helis! What …

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RC Helicopter VS Wasps

Ran across this yellow jacket nest while mowing the lawn. I needed to exterminate them, but before using conventional methods I decided to let my Blackhawk 450SE RC helicopter try its hand at yellow jacket carnage. The results….speak for themselves.

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Vario Bell 412 R/C Helicopter Electric Conversion

The fuselage is a Vario Bell 412 painted in PHI (Petroleum Helicopters Inc) colors. Mechanics are Vario Skyfox custom-converted from a nitro engine to electric power. Motor is a Kohler Actro 32-4, battery pack is 12S LiPo, 4900mAH. To let the four-blade main rotor handle easily in forward flight and …

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WLToys V931 AS350 3D Helicopter / XK K123 – UNBOXING

Hi there people 🙂 I picked up this small CP heli from WLtoys, to see if it is any good.. I sure did like it’s looks which really is part of why I got it offcourse 😉 Here are some links for different suppliers: HobbyKing: https://www.hobbyking.com/hobbyking/store/uh_viewItem.asp?idProduct=66864 XK K123 version at …

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