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Henseleit TDR at SLO field

This is Jim’s (Jimenator on Helifreak) Henseleit TDR vary new with his good friend and expert heli pilot Clint flying it. It has a Jive 120 ESC and a pyro 700 with 12S thunderpower an a V-bar with Radix v2 blades. Wow it is fast and smooth. Thanks to Jim …

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Tesla P85D VS Goblin Comet DragRace

Drag race entre le Goblin Comet et la Tesla P85D! Who will win this race ? The world fastest RC helicopter or the fastest car? Goblin Comet or Tesla P85D ? Organised by Marcel Guwang and Corinne Pech-Guwang from www.helidigital.com Tesla pilot : Jr Goudon Comet pilot : Tom Rct …

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