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RC Scale Airplanes

Large Rc McDonnell Douglas MD-11

Maiden flight of this scratch built airliner at the Mini Air Show of “Barone Rosso” at Fagagna / Italy 2015.06.06 Model data: MD-11 Scale / Maßstab: 1/16 Wingspan / Spw: 3.2m Lenght / Länge: 3.6m Weight / Gewicht: 26Kg + fuel / Sprit Turbine: 3x KJ66 (selfmade / Eigenbau) Kit: …

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Rc SWIFT S1 – Display

Dominik Braun performs a great show at the Segelflugmesse 2016 in Schwabmünchen, Germany Model data: Glider Swift-S1 Spw. / Wingspan: 5.1 m Gewicht / Weight: 13.5 Kg Kit: DG Flugmodellbau ( http://www.dg-flugmodellbautechnik.de/Modelle/Swift-S1/ ) Model data: Tow Plane Triple XL Bellanca Spw. / Wingspan: 3.87 m Gewicht / Weight: 24.8 Kg …

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ICARE AirMeet 2015

ICARE Air Show 2015 in Rohrbach Les Bitche (France) This is a short trailer of a fantastic weekend in France. Ceci est un court trailer d’un week-end fantastique en France. Dies ist ein kurzer Trailer von einem fantastischen Wochenende in Frankreich.

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TEAM SCHAERER Synchro Aerobatics

Flugtag Hausen am Albis 2014 Father and son Schaerer perform their awesome show with two Fox Swift S1 Gliders with a Red Bull paint sheme. Glider specs: SWIFT S1 from Bruckmann Modellbau Scale 1/2,2, Span 5.8 m (19 ft.) Weight 20 Kg (44 pounds) Join the team on Facebook https://www.facebook.com/TeamSchaerer …

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Giant Rc Grumman Panther F-9F

Arthur Kohler flies his beautiful Panther F-9F at his home airfield. Scale: 1:5 Wing span: 2.45 m Weight: 20 kg Turbine: Jet Cat 160 Kit from: Airworld (modified) Gears: Pneumatic Brakes: Pneumatic (all wheels) Canopy: Pneumatic open/close Max.speed: 200 mph / 321.8 Km/h GPS measured Radio control: Graupner MC 24 …

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Falcon Wings – 6 Warbirds In Action

The Falcon Wings at the ICARE AirMeet in France Six 1/4 scale warbirds, which together have 27 cylinders and a displacement of 1600cc WHAT A MUSIC !!! Model Data: Republic P-47 Thunderbolt Razorback “Miss Behave” Pilot: Franz [FOB1449 on YouTube] https://www.youtube.com/user/FOB1449 Massstab / Scale: 1/4 Spw / Wingspan: 3.1 m …

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