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1/6 scale US M18 Hellcat Tank Destroyer

Here’s a 6th scale US M18 Hellcat Tank Destroyer marketed by truescalearmour.com for the 1/6 (12″) scale GI Joe/ Dragon figure collectors around the world. It is made entirely of fiberglass whereby hatches open and close, turret turns, gun barrel elevates, wheels turn along with the tracks and other features.

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Leopard 1 RC Tank 1:6 Scale

Leopard 1 RC Tank 1:6 Scale -1,20 x 0,55 x 0,30 m -200 kg -welded stainless steel hull -over 2 kW drive power -live track DIEHL 640A manufactured from hardened steel Footage shows test drive of the vehicle. True to original way of driving was not intended.

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1/72 Scale RC Tiger to Sturmtiger Conversion

I came across an RC toy that actually looked like the real thing. It was labelled as being in 1:70 scale, but I found it scales nicely towards 1:72 models that are on the market. So I came up with the idea to convert it to something a bit more …

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