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Exceed Racing Flowmaster Catamaran RC boat 650mm

Exceed Racing Electric Fiberglass Catamaran, 650mm

– Added Carbon / Kevlar to the sponsons and center motor and battery tray area. Used System Three epoxy with #2 hardener, with additional water pickup on Starboard side.

– All scale RC boats need a scale driver figure! Had to give him a flat top to fit. Built a small cockpit with 1/8″ ply used Marine goop to glue to inside of canopy.

– Custom Swiss livery graphics with sponsorship from Marine Specialties, Graupner Modellbau.

– Turnigy 2860 2700kv motor from HK, with 28x58mm water cooling jacket from OSE.
– Turnigy Marine 120A ESC, Graupner 658 BB MG digital servo, Airtronics / Sanwa MX-V 3-channel radio.
– Battery: Zippy 3S1P, 4000mAh, 20C with 4mm connectors.

Filmed at Arrowhead Lake, Milton, Vermont.
Maiden voyage test with stock 432/3 carbon prop. Weight bias is on port side with ESC, handles best counter-clockwise with weight on inside.

Plan to make adjustments on trim settings, strut and try different props—436 CNC, TFL 436/3, balanced.

Full build thread with photos on http://www.rumrunnerracing.com/feforums/showthread.php?p=294003#post294003

Exceed Racing Electric Catamaran vailable from http://www.nitrorcx.com

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