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Giant Rc Warbirds Flying Together

Corsair F4U-F and P-47 Thunderbolt formation flight.
Five pilots from three different countries flying together for the very first time at the AIRMEET 2012 in Sarre-Union (France).
Plane / Engine / Pilot:
P-47 – Moki 250 – Franz Obenauf (Austria)
Corsair FU4 – Moki 250 – Willi Schachermayer “FRÄSER” (Austria)
Corsair FU4 – 3W 150 – Jürgen Prinz (Germany)
P-47 – Moki 250 – Maxime Gachot (France)
Corsair FU4 – Moki 250 – Marc Hauss (France)

Music by Zero Project
“Sunrise Over The Misty Mountains”


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