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HeliXheli Goblin 700 gasser conversion flight test 2

Prototype Goblin 700 gasser conversion

More flights to test drivetrain and flight performance. Conversion is based on the Trex 700 clutch. The clutch in this video is a Lynx heavy duty clutch. The clutch bell is a standard Align part with original clutch lining. We have chosen this as we also plan to develop a Nitro Goblin which will share some drivetrain parts.

We have now logged 1.2 hours of flight without incident. We are pushing the helicopter a bit harder with each flight. I am very pleased with the flight performance and it is performing beyond our expectation. It is smooth, powerful and fast.

This is our first prototype with Aluminium Frames. It is a kit to convert a SAB Goblin 700 electric helicopter to gas motor. The motor is a Zenoah G240RC motor.

The design allows for top starting or generator mount

For more information please visit www.helixheli.com

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