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Losi Differential Fix 8 nitro buggy

1st of newest info: Team Losi Racing 4.0 Buggy alm. diff bearing sleeves part # TLR04003.
BUY THEM AND DISREGARD MY VIDEO; it seems to be “the fix”. Yes!!! These Alm bearing holders “fit exactly” into your diff and “replace” the plastic ones. Remove and use the bearings from your plastic ones; “it all fits”. Can’t say it loud enough “BUY THESE”!!!!! About $15 as I recall;
at E-bay and probably Amazon too I left a customer comment stating Losi 8ight RTR guys buy these; find that and that’s the part.

2nd of newest info: Losi Error: Clutch bearing numbers are different for the RTR as compared to the “kit” version. Your plans (schematic) will read Clutch bearing set #LOSA6949 BUT that’s for the kit version; if you’ve got the RTR version use Clutch bearing set #LOSA6955
You’ve got to assume that the entire clutch shown “is the wrong clutch” if yours is RTR version

Pull starter from Horizon Hobby; Dynamite # DYNE1501

My new Kyosho Multi Starter Box 2.0 works great with my Losi 8 RTR. Use the MP9 settings for the drive wheel set-up and the pin position is, oh boy here we go lol:
With the handle facing you (the drive wheel is on the left), there are 8 slots on each side (right/left), you will use right slots only, in saying that the nearest slot is number 1 slot and the farthest is number 8 slot:
#1 slot (the nearest slot) 7mm from edge ( I believe this is max “out” for the slot)
#7 slot 25mm from edge
#8 slot (the farthest slot) 7mm from edge (believed to be max “out” position also)
Thats it:
#8 hooks up with the front swing arm
#7 touches the chassis just behind the front swing arm.
#1 touches/aligns the rear chassis.
Was it going to “plunge” far enough? It plunges near to its reaches but, It reaches, I would have to say that it works “perfectly” with “some” to spare even: pleasantly surprised!

“DO NOT WATCH THE VIDEO”, instead order the alm. bearing holders they’re 10 times better than my “band-aid” fix that I offered on the vid.
Golly, my Losi is fixed!!!!!

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