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Mississauga Tank Battles with Scale Town – RC CWR

8 Tank Battle it out at the local Mississauga RC Park. So Will and I loaded up some trucks and headed into Mississauga, about 25 minutes away, to the VEITRCCLUB AFV Battle Ground. John invited me to come down to checkout the local crawl spot, landing strip, 1/10 scale race track and tank battle ground. What a great spot for all the local guys to come hang out and enjoy the great hobby of RC. For more info and videos check out Johns FaceBook, link below


Face Book https://www.facebook.com/chris.rappel.5
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Welcome to Scale Town, where we love the scale side of RC. The scale it is the more we like it. Some people have asked what RC CWR stands for, Remote Control Chris Will Rappel. We are a father (Chris) ‘n son (Will) team that started in the hobby in 2011. We have many RCs in our collection RC4WD, Axial, Traxxas, Streamline RC, Tamiya, Losi, HPI and the list continues. We build our custom trailers for hauling the boats and custom build styrene camping trailers. Thanks for watching and enjoy, please subscribe LIKE and comment.

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