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PROJECT MOCKINGBIRD: Betaflight Tiny Whoop as good as Inductrix

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Many pilots prefer to fly Tiny Whoop style quadcopters in autolevel mode. Inductrix-based Tiny Whoops have way better handling in autolevel mode than Betaflight-based quads.

Project Mockingbird aims to fix that. Project Mockingbird is a set of configurations (PIDs, rates, and transmitter mixing) that makes a Betafilght-based Tiny Whoop fly as well as an Inductrix. So you can get the best of both worlds. At least that’s the promise…

I’ll show you how to set up Project Mockingbird on your Whoop and you can judge for yourself how good it flies.

Project Mockingbird is here:

The Newbeedrone Acrobee kit can be purchased here:
AcroBee Kit with BeeBrain V2

My original interview with Jesse Perkins (MR. TINY WHOOP) here;

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