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RATRAP RC DRIFTING @ Ultimate Stance 2017

Song: Chasing Midnight – Moog

The channel hit 5000 subscribers yesterday on it’s 4 year anniversary. Massive thanks for all your support. There’ll be a milestone video soon.

I went along to the Ultimate Stance show in Telford. I knew there would be a drift track there and to be quite honest, it was far more interesting than the car show itself. You can only see so many bagged cars on nice wheels with a few stickers in the back window.

There were some awesome drift cars there and the drivers were displaying some insane skills. You could even have a go yourself with your own car but the Drift Project was in pieces. I’ll take it next year though.

The channel has been a bit light on the drifting side so hopefully you guys enjoy the video.

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Thanks for watching.

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