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RC FPV Airplane Glider REVIEW – XK A1200

➜ RC FPV Airplane, XK A1200: https://goo.gl/wIvMcA

This is my first RC airplane glider and it’s a TON of fun to fly.
It’s RTF, Ready-To-Fly, meaning assembly is quick and easy, plus it comes with the FPV camera and video monitor. Out of the box, ready to fly.

Flying is just like the video games; pull down on the right stick to lift up, push up on the stick to nose dive down. Left stick is throttle and yaw. I’d recommend staying in 6G auto-level-stabilize mode for a while, this makes flying very easy.

I’m familiar with flying all sorts of drones, quads, etc, but airplanes and gliders are so different. It’s like flying a massive paper airplane, riding the waves of the wind, coasting slow or racing fast. Battery life is incredible since it’s efficient at flying.

The FPV camera (1080p actually, I’m quite impressed) and video monitor are nice quality, and are a huge bonus add-on. This allows you to feel like you’re in the pilot’s seat, cruising the sky’s with no strings attached – it’s really fun!

Main Specs:
-Technical name: XK A1200 3D6G 5.8G FPV 2.4G 6CH S-FHSS EPO RC Airplane Glider RTF
-Wingspan: 1200mm
-Battery: 7.4V/2000mAh LI-PO
-Motor: 2212 Brushless
-Propeller: 3-leaf 6*2.5*3
-Flight Weight: 500g
-AV Transmitter: 600mw
-Camera: 1080p
-Transmitter: 2.4G 6CH S-FHSS
-Control Distance: 800m
-Material: EPO
-Flying Time: About 45min
-Charging Time: About 3.5h

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