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RC Grave Digger Monster Truck Freestyle Crossover Backflip

Keeping it short today instead of a long run video. I took a quick lunch break from work to head to the BMX trails to run the Traxxas Monster Jam Grave Digger. It’s the first time I’ve been here with the new Castle Creations Sidewinder SV3 4600kv motor and ESC combo. The goal was to do backflips.

I wasn’t out long before I popped the shock strut out of the rear shock ball. I didn’t have tools with me, so it cut the run short after about 4 jumps. The silly thing is that it happened while doing a basic jump as I was bringing the truck back to the starting point. Oh well. I’ll screw it back in and get it back on the trail.

Next time I go, I plan to start with the bigger jumps and see if I can get some bigger air backflips.

Have fun RCing!

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