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RC TANK Mato Full Metal German Tiger 1 Off-Road Test

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Difference between RTR and Kit:
RTR means the tank comes with full set with RC, all you need to do is charge the tank battery and add batteries to your Transmitter for it to run. No modifications need to be made.
KIT means the tank dosen’t include electronics, it provide you the option of having a static model or creating your own RC tank.
The Mato 100% Metal German Tiger 1 tank was developed with every detail in mind. Mato did their best to keep everything as the original, so in essence you are getting a Tiger 1 tank in a 1:16 scale. The tank comes with Tiger simulative motor start-up sound, engine sound, machine-gun sound, cannonball sound, emulational action effect.

360 Degree Turret Rotation
5:1 Steel Gearbox
Hatches Open and Close
Road Wheels with Rubber Tires
Idler Wheels are adjustable
Turn On / Off the Front Lights by the Controller.
Full Scale RC Function: Forward, reverse, left, right turn and spin; turret rotation and elevator; with lights; Barrel recoil, up and down.
Colors: Original Metal, German Grey, Desert Yellow
PlayingTime: 30-40 mins
​Charging Time: 6-8 hours
Control Distance: above 100 meters
Controller Battery:4 AA batteries (not included)
Two Versions: BB shooting(fire BB Bullets) and Infrared Recoil Version (Barrel Recoils, Infrared Battle, the infrared battle system compatible with Tamiya and Heng Long)

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