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Rocky Mountain Low – Tiny Whoop – Cruising over water and Log Jam Weaving

I was able to fly three batteries in this perfect Tiny Whoop playground in the Rockies! This log jam looks ancient – at one point this creek must’ve been a raging river that washed these huge logs down into a bottleneck. As I’ve recently discovered, the TWR can easily dip into water and fly out as long as the camera stays above the surface and you aren’t in there too long! I’ve dunked in and flown out 5 times in the past couple weeks. No conformal coating, no corrosion x, nuthin. Who’da thunk.

I’m flying the Tiny Whoop Racer (twr) – Here’s the Kit for 99 bucks:

Special Sauce Motors – https://www.tinywhoop.com/collections/motors/products/tiny-whoop-special-sauce-edition-motors

Stock FPV Board – https://www.tinywhoop.com/collections/accessories/products/inductrix-fpv-flight-controller

Tiny Whoop HV 255mah Battery – https://www.tinywhoop.com/collections/batteries/products/copy-of-mylipo-255mah-25c-1s-battery-with-pw-connector-for-the-tiny-whoop

Reinforced Stock Frame – https://www.tinywhoop.com/collections/frames/products/original-stock-airframe-reinforced

FX900TW Camera Combo (NOW AVAILABLE IN LEFT HAND!)- https://www.tinywhoop.com/collections/fpv-gear/products/fx-900tw-mullet-modded-ultralight-camera-vtx-and-antenna

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