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Skiathos with the DJI Mavic 2 Pro (re-upload)

Filmed on holiday for my Mavic 2 Pro review (imminent release!)

Re-upload due to awful compression issues. Converted this time using VB2 2 pass with 240mbps as max.

Download available at https://vimeo.com/290987960

Filmed mostly in Log with a few HLG shots in 10-bit H265 using both HQ and full FOV mode. All graded with Film Convert. 10% off at gopb.co/filmconvert

Music from Audio Network. Amie Doherty “Legacy Unfolds”

Buy the Mavic 2 from DJI here: http://gopb.co/mavic2
or from B&H here: http://gopb.co/mavic2pro

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