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SORRCA Scale Competition 2018 Class 2 3 RC Crawling Comp [+SCORING] Part 1

SORRCA Scale competition 2018 class 2 and 3 RC Crawling competition part1
Here is an awesome video of RC Rock crawler competition! There were a lot of drivers who are starting out to who are absolute veterans! The competition course was mild on class 2 except for last 2 gates and fearsome on class 3.
I included scoring as well for those who are unfamiliar with the driving rules. It will be divided into multiple videos because of sheer amount of footage. Please subscribe for upcoming videos!
Thanks you Renegade rock runners to bring the best comp series in town and every builders who brought out awesome rigs!

Who: Renegade Rock Runners
When: 06.02.2018
Where: San Gabriel Canyon OHV park, Azusa, California
Camera: CRAWLER75
Editor: CRAWLER75
Intro1 – Aeon Ending by Dew of Light
Intro2 – XTRMNT 2 by Sebastian Forslund
Jeep Cherokee XJ – Slamming Stoners 4 by Victor Olsson
TRX4 Defender – Nothing to lose 3 by Johan Svensson
Custom Toyzuki hilux – An Unstoppable Message 3 by Sebastian Forslund
Proline Chevy pickup SCX10 – Heavy Industrial Anger 10 by Victor Olson
Proline Hilux SR5 SCX10,2 – Cribs 64 by Levente Maneas
Axial Honcho – Blue Texas Trucker 3 by Victor Olsson

Thank you for watching and stay tuned for next video!

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