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Red Rocks Exploration – Moab Utah – Tiny Whoop

Got to travel WAAAY out into the wilderness outside Moab with Team BIG WHOOP for Christian’s bachelow party and found some beautiful formations to explore. Check out the strange footprint I found in the tiny cave! Wanna learn to fly?? Check out TinyWhoop.com or join the Facebook Group to find …

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UNDER ATTACK – Swooping Jordan – Tiny Whoop

Wanna Fly? www.tinywhoop.com The first person on the planet to ever get attacked by a Tiny Whoop was this guy right here – Jordan Temkin. Could this early need for lightning-fast, cat-like reflexes and situational awareness be the reason Jordan went on to become the two-time Drone Racing League world …

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TreeScapes Episode 4 – The Crabapple – Tiny Whoop

www.tinywhoop.com Half of Tiny Whoop tree-weaving is control over the aircraft. The other half is learning to spot the possible pathways around you. This tree is full of bird paths and perfect Whoop-sized gaps. One of the first Tiny Whoop videos was filmed flying in these Crabapple trees here in …

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Quickly Improve Your Tiny Whoop Skills

Looking to craft your skills as fast as possible? This obvious tip and method can really give your stick skills a quick boost. This is my favorite way to really develop the proper muscle memory for precise flying. Music by: David Cutter Music – http://www.davidcuttermusic.com Instagram: therealk33f Twitter: @iamk33f Website: …

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Tiny Whoop goes to Flite Fest East 2017 !!!

BHen and I took the 21 hour drive out to Flite Fest East 23017 and had an absolute riot!!! Awesome to hang with the Flite Test family again. The people made this event truly historic. Thank you Flite Test and see you at the next Flite Fest!!! www.tinywhoop.com Check out …

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