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Industrial Flow at Rotor Riot Rampage – Tiny Whoop

www,tinywhoop.com I found this corner of the 4th floor of one of the buildings at the Government Training Institute in Barnwell, South Carolina, home of Rotor Riot Rampage 2018. It was the perfect jungle of pipes and knobs, and weaving thru them definitely put me in a hypnotic, flow-like state. …

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Chasing a Ghost – Tiny Whoop Simulator Racing

Tiny Whoop Simulation is HERE!! Click this link to fly it for FREE!!! www.tinywhoopsim.com Tiny Whoop has partnered with Rotor Rush simulator to create a Tiny Whoop Sim! I tuned the sim Tiny Whoop to feel just like my personal Tiny Whoop – very fast and agile. It’s a BLAST. …

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Tiny Whoop Yoga Flow

My pal Sandy asked me to whoop her yoga class! This is maybe my most requested video. It was great to meet all these happy people! These flights really made me realize that my favorite courses are those that use moving humans. Who’s got some good ideas?? Comment! This little …

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Tiny Whoop LED Installation

Hey Pals! I am so stoked to see how our excellent community tricks-out their Tiny Whoops with LEDs!!! I think these things are going to make races much more interesting to spectators. The lights are very bright and visable! All colors available on www.tinywhoop.com, along side aircraft and parts! Here’s …

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First Flights with the BeeBrain V1- TINY WHOOP Acro

This new Flight Controller is available fore pre-order! https://tiny-whoop.myshopify.com/products/beebrainv1?variant=23506352193 Sure, I still have some tuning to do but I couldn’t wait to get out and have some fun with this new flight controller! Now you can adjust PIDs, rates, expo, etc. just like the flight controllers we use on miniquads! …

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