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The DJI MAVIC killer – the Autel Robotics “EVO” compact folding 4k drone : CES 2018

If you are into drones then you know DJI makes some of the very best drones especially the DJI Mavic which is their compact folding drone.

DJI has dominated the market over the last few years…but a company called Autel Robotics looks like they have the Mavic clearly inter sights with a brand new compact folding 4k drone called the EVO.

Autel has a good reputation for making high quality drones already (from the research I have done) and it was probably just a matter of time before they came out with a compact folding 4k camera drone of their own.

What looked better than the Mavic to me?

First was the 30 minute flight time!!! Thats a first in drones as far as I know.

2nd is the OLED display on the controller which is bright and gorgeous.

3rd is the ability to use the OLED display as a FPV screen (first person view) so you can fly your drone when it goes out of site. Speaking of out of sight flight….the EVO can fly out to 4.35 miles away! Even if it goes half that distance I would be impressed. But 4.35 miles away is awesome if its true.

Other cool features were the optical and IR avoidance systems front, rear and bottom as well as the dynamic tracking system that does not need a tracking device to follow the user.

I am going to try and get a media sample in for testing because this drone has a ton of selling points that could make me ( and many others) skip the DJI Mavic and buy an Autel EVO.

Autel Robotics


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