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Tiny Turtle Whoop Build – with Inductrix FPV Plus Spektrum Transmitter and LED Setup


Parts List is just below the Table of Contents.

Thanks to Ashton’s extensive research, we can now indeed use Meow Mode AKA Turtle Mode on a 6mm Tiny Whoop build! The Whoop can flip itself over! This is a huge advantage at any Tiny Whoop race. Here’s Ashton’s build, complete with Tiny Whoop LEDs and old-school mulled-mod canopy.

Table of Contents:
Overview of parts at 0:00
Disassembly at 1:35
Pigtail Modification at 3:25
Welder Reinforcement at 4:30
Motor Polarity Switch at 5:55
LED Disassembly at 6:30
Led Installation at 7:12
Camera Pigtail Installation at 8:52
Pigtail Installation at 9:05
FC Installation at 9:50
Flange Screw Installation at 11:38
Motor Installation at 11:46
FPV Plus LED Tail Light at 12:50
Prop Installation at 13:19
VTX/Camera Setup at 13:44
VTX/Camera Installation at 14:31
Canopy Installation at 15:11
Binding at 15:30
Switch/Stick Setup at 15:45
Using Meow Mode at 17:02
Flight Demonstration at 17:46

Here’s a List of Parts:

Inductrix FPV Plus BNF:
Inductrix FPV PLUS with new free 10 degree camera mount!!!

(Or you could go for the flight controller only – https://www.tinywhoop.com/products/inductrix-fpv-plus-flight-controller)

Ultralight Camera Mount:
FPV PLUS Camera mount

Insane Motors:
MMW 6x15mm motor (speed: INSANE) (set of 4)

Tiny Whoop LEDs:
Tiny Whoop LEDS

Original Mullet Mod Canopy:
Hypershift – Mullet Mod Canopy

Tiny Whoop 255mah HV Battery
TINY WHOOP HV 255mah 1s Lipo BATTERY – POWERWHOOP (PW) Connector type

CHECK OUT Ashton’s excellent youtube channel here:h ttps://www.youtube.com/channel/UClqu_TTxUNuFzrWOG8h5s6g

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