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What’s Inside a Rs 70,000 Drone | DJI Mavic Pro.

I crashed my drone in chennai while flying over a beach. you can watch that vdo here. https://bit.ly/2ISTLtg

Later I decided to take care of the drone myself. Opened up my DJI mavic pro to see whats inside a drone. Checked few videos on youtube, learned how to do the changes.
Ordered the parts required from Amazon, and tried to change the flex cable (which takes care of motor rotation magnitude and keeps it in place). thanks to my “salaa” Prateek, who also helped me in this task.

I did it successfully 95%, thoda sa kuch galat ho gaya, but ritu still believes that, mere se nahi hua kuch, meine poora drone shop se theek karwaya hai.

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