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Why Do We Recommend the DJI Phantom 4 Pro Instead of the Mavic Pro for Drone Business?

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00:47 – Why is the Phantom 4 Pro more suited for drone businesses compared to the Mavic Pro?
01:13 – We speculate if the Mavic Pro 2 will be a potential game changer
02:17 – Learn about our cool sponsor, Dynnex Drones
02:54 – Today’s question is about the Mavic Pro
04:40 – Discussing flight dynamics of different DJI drones
05:43 – Learn how Paul discovered some serious operational limitations on the Mavic Pro while shooting a surfing video
07:06 – Is it a good idea to carry the Mavic Air and Mavic Pro with you on family vacations?
08:13 – Paul rattles off the various advantages of the Mavic Pro
08:17 – Learn why Go Professional Cases is Paul’s favorite company
09:08 – Do we recommend the new Mavic Pro 2 for UAV mapping?
09:38 – Paul clarifies an important point pertaining to Global shutters
10:35 – Learn how Paul shot and edited an awesome Pano with the Mavic Pro
11:57 – Discussing how using the Mavic Pro will bring your creativity to the fore
13:06 – Reasons why the Phantom 5 would be perfect for UAV mapping
13:55 – Learn about our forthcoming episode where we will share how you can easily navigate and make the most of Drone U Resources
15:00 – Factors which help ensure lifelong success in drone business
15:43 – How can Drone U help you set up and sustain your drone business

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